Clarence Earl Shuppert
Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army
Active Service: September 28, 1942 - July 20, 1948

Clarence Earl Shuppert was born May 2, 1915 and raised in Decatur County, IN near the county seat of Greensburg. Earl (who was known by his middle name) enlisted in the Army September 28, 1942. He was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland; Camp Chaffee, Arkansas; Camp Maxey, Texas; Camp Gruber, Oklahoma; then to Marseilles, France to begin his European tour. After contracting tuberculosis, likely while participating in the liberation of the Nazi Dachau concentration camp, he was returned to the states February 8, 1948 before his death on April 6, 1949.

His Life

Clarence Earl Shuppert




Pictures of his life in the Army from the photograph album (video).

The wooden shoes signed by his Army buddies.

Playing cards of the 42nd Rainbow Division.

His Life

His life, family, marriage, military service, and early death at age 33.


The scrapbook with keepsakes from his life in the Army kept by his wife Nova.

Greeting Cards

Vintage greeting cards: Christmas, valentines, missing you and more.


D-Day newspaper and other documents from the scrapbook.

Cartoons from the scrapbook.


Combat History of the 42nd Rainbow Division in WWII.


Postcards from the scrapbook.


German guns returned by the Army with his personal effects.


Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI.

Ancestry - Earl’s family history for eight generations.

Insignias & Pennants

Insignias & pennants from the scrapbook.


Letters from the scrapbook,.

#wooden_shoes Ancestry

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